Education: Studied at the Faculty of History in State Academic University for the Humanities, Department of Archaeology (2022)

Mentors: V.V. Sedov, M.V. Vdovichenko, A.N. Fedorina, A. Giumlia-Mair

Key research interests: Middle Ages; Architectural archaeology, murals and mosaics, Towns of Medieval Rus’, Application of science in archaeology

Archaeological Field Excavations with Suzdal archaeological expedition (since 2018); with Novgorod Architecture and Archaeology detachment (since 2021)

Publications: Author of several academic publications


Петровичева Т.О., Зубавичус Е.Я. Особенности использования кости, как топлива для костров, в верхнем палеолите Русской равнины //Археология евразийских степей. Казань, 2020. №. 5. C. 17–24.