Education: Studied at the Art History Department in Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of History (1983).

Mentors: V.P. Vygolov, A.I. Komech, D.V. Sarabyanov, A.B. Sterligov, V.L. Yanin.

PhD: Origin and formation of Pskov architectural tradition (1989). Academic Supervisor A.I. Komech.

Doctoral Thesis (The Higher Doctorate): Pskov architecture of the 16th century (1997).

Key research interests: History of Medieval Rus’ and Byzantine architecture; architectural archaeology; links between Western European, Byzantine and Medieval Rus’ architecture.

Archaeological Field Excavations: in North-Western and Central regions of Russia (stone churches of North-Western and North-Eastern Russia); Head of the Novgorod Architectural and Archaeological Expedition (1996–2001), Head of  Novgorod Architectural and Archaeological Team (since 2005).


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Псковская архитектура XVI века. М., 1996;

Новгородская архитектура на Шелони. М., 2001;

Килисе Джами: Столичная архитектура Византии. М., 2008.