On March 2–3, 2022, the Institute of Archaeology, Russian Academy of Sciences, is holding its annual conference “Archaeological research: new data and interpretations”. In the year 2022 it comes as part of the Year of Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of Russia. Among its participants are scholars and scientists from research centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Orenburg, as well as from the National Academy of Sciences, Republic of Armenia. The papers cover a vast array of impressive fieldwork, are devoted to analyzing source materials, prospects and outcomes of interdisciplinary projects and the use of new research methodologies.


We hope that the “Archaeological research: new data and interpretations” conference will once again prove a successful platform for exchanging opinions, where researchers from leading institutions will be motivated to discuss the current trends in archaeological research and the conceptual foundations for its future development.


The conference will take place on  March 2–3, 2022, at the Russian Historical Society (25 Bldg.3 Podsosensky Per., Moscow), as a blended event (Zoom-conference and on-site presentations).